Directed drawings were the first product I made. As a child I struggled to draw, I was worried about making mistakes and I easily got discouraged when my drawing did not end up how I intended. I loved art, but was not taught how to break apart a shape and learn how to draw it.

I create simple directed drawings so that children can see that they can draw! When children have the right tools, they can build up drawing skills and confidence in themselves as artists. I like to provide children with the first step already drawn on the paper. Having the first step already done enables children to successfully follow the next steps. Sometimes children get discouraged if they cannot start the drawing accurately, but providing children with the first shape helps them with perspective and to get their drawing large enough for them to succeed.

I still love making directed drawings, but I also love creating hand draw coloring pages so that children and adults can enjoy this slow paced activity. It is a great thing to do after a busy day, while listening to an audio book, or when talking to friends.

I love designing art to inspire mindfulness, and to encourage others to enjoy a quiet moment.