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Christmas Math Activity │ Tree Paper Garland

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Help your kids review how to convert fractions to decimals with this adorable winter paper tree garland. It is helpful to review concepts explored at school or to introduce kids to fractions and decimals at home to help support their learning at school.

These cute fraction and decimal garlands make cute holiday decor. Print out these decimals worksheets as many times as you like to review the concepts at home.

How the Christmas Math Activity Works:

Each fractions to decimals worksheet comes with 3 trees per page for students to create their designs using 4 colors. Next students represent the number of squares colored in each color as a fraction and then convert it to a decimal value.

What's Included in this decimal and Fraction Worksheet:

-9 Different templates

-Photo Instructions

(Video Instructions are included on youtube channel)

9 Template Variations:

Templates vary depending on learning objectives.

Pg. 6-8: Blank tree template with either 1, 2, or 3 trees per page.

Pg. 9-10: Tree template comes with predetermined fractions with a denominator of 100 for students to convert to decimals.

Pg. 11-12: Tree template comes with predetermined fractions of varying denominator values for students to convert to equivalent decimal values.

Pg. 13-14: Tree template comes with predetermined decimal values for students to convert to equivalent fraction values.

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