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Coloring Page of an Orange │ Fractions Activity

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Looking for a fun way to teach fractions? Use an adorable orange garland fractions craft! Use the coloring page of an orange to create 3 different fractions on each page.


These math fun fractions include quarters to twelfths, and an option to create your own too! It could be used as a math craft kindergarten or teach fractions 3rd grade.


Fraction activity includes orange slices with or without the denominator written. This could also be used as a printable Christmas garland. I love making a dried orange garland in my dehydrator each year. I also love a good coloring page orange.



Coloring page of orange with 3 slices per page

Options with denominator written

Options without denominator written

Fractions /4 - /12

Blank option to make your own fractions


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