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Decimals to Fractions Worksheet │ Cute Mitten Winter Craft

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This adorable mitten pair is a fun way to review how to convert fractions to decimals. Whether you are reviewing decimals in 5th grade, or just starting to explore worksheets with decimals, these fun mittens are a great way to make art and practice math at the same time!

This fractions to decimals worksheet has many variations. For an easy converting fractions to decimals worksheet print out the 100 square mitten. If you are looking for a more challenging decimals to fractions worksheet print out the 200 square mitten.

How it works:

1. Students create a pattern on the front of the mitten using either the 100 square or 200 square template.

2. Count the number of boxes colored and represent the value as a fraction and then convert the value to a decimal. 


There are several variations for these worksheets with decimals. Some of the decimal and fraction worksheets come with either a predetermined fraction or a predetermined decimal for students to convert.

Fraction and Decimal Template Options:

Templates vary depending on learning objectives.

Pg. 6-9: Image only with space for students to design their own pattern and then calculate the fraction and decimal value. A right and left mitten template is provided for each template option.

Pgs. 10-13: Mitten template comes with predetermined decimals for students to convert to fractions and color.

Pgs. 14-17: Mitten template comes with predetermined fractions with a denominator of 100 or 200 for simple conversions.

Pgs. 18-21: Mitten template comes with a fraction in simplest form for students to convert to decimals and color. This template is more challenging.

*This is a digital download. A pdf file and video will be available for download, not physical product will be shipped.