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Plant Life Cycle Activity - Pea Plant Directed Drawings

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Are you looking for a fun plant life cycle activity?  Learn about the pea life cycle through directed drawings. These activities for plant life cycle are a fun way to create beautiful illustrations while developing observational skills. Students develop their drawing skills and learn about the stages of a plant life cycle. Each pea plant stage is a simple activity that students can complete independently. These directed drawings can be used as a whole class activity too. 


Another plant life cycle activity is to use a smaller starter step version of the drawings to make pea life cycle sequence cards.

Learn through Observation and Drawing

We learn through careful observation. Through careful instructions students learn how to draw a pea plant and the stages it goes through. Students benefit from spending careful time observing the life cycle of the pea plant. Finished drawings can be used to make a booklet, a poster, a diorama, or an art piece.

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