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Toque Math Calculate & Color │ Decimal to Fraction Worksheet

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Are you practicing how to convert fractions to decimals? This toque was designed as a fun way to make practice easy converting fractions to decimals!

The pom pom is divided into 25 boxes, the body of the toque into 100 boxes, and the brim into 50 boxes. These variations make it possible to vary the value of the boxes and practice representing a variety of fractions and decimals!

How to Use this Product:

Blank templates: There are also blank decimals worksheets included for you to make up your own fractions and decimals.

Decimals provided: use the worksheets with decimals already printed and convert them into fractions.

Fractions provided: use the worksheets with fractions predetermined and convert them to decimals.


Printable decimals to fraction worksheet

-Video Instructions of how to complete the craft

-Visual Instructions

Downloadable Fraction to Decimal worksheets:

Templates vary depending on learning objectives:

Pg. 6: Toque image only

Pgs. 7-8: Blank template with boxes

Pgs. 9-14: Blank templates with spots for decimals. Some show value of the boxes (0.01, 0.02, and 0.04)

Pgs. 15-16: Blank template with fraction lines

Pgs. 17-19: Given fractions to convert to decimals

Pgs. 20-22: Given decimals to convert to fractions

These decimals worksheets are hand made! I hope you have fun doing math and designing adorable toques! I would love to see your finished designs, share them with me on social @draw.calm

*This is a digital (PDF) download, no physical product will be shipped. Simply download and enjoy a decimal to fraction worksheet right away.